Family's Ponton Homepage



Pictures (2002)




general view after repair in body-shop

Driving back to Thessaloniki from Larissa


Group of tourist (probably German) observing the car under the Castle at Platamonas



New top fitted

Hole and rust fixed under right seat (see before restoration)

Hole under back-right door fixed (see before restoration)


Pictures before restoration (2001)

Parts of the car was so rusted and degraded that the metal affected was cut off and new metal sheets where welded. This task however was done very well at:

Also note in the pictures below the huge amounts of putty that had been used in 1982 for a quick job. This made the problem worse. In this restoration the use of putty was minimized.

rust in front of driver's seat. Under the wooden floor there was actually a pool of water.


The back-right door had alot of rust. Below the door there was a hole.


Hole in front of front-right seat.

Rust in back seats



Other vehicles owned by family

  • 1960 Mercedes-Benz 180

Used for spare parts.


  • 1972 Fiat 127

Not exactly in good condition, but drives fine.


  • 1977 Volkswagen

Another classic.


  • Town-Mate 80

Perfect for congested streets. Supposedly floats in water.