Tucows - 5 Cows Tucows 5-cow award!

"I just wanted to thank you for your fantastic work! Marvelous.. Thanks again"
-Bas Beima

"Great program, ran my perl script for watching our Mail Queue just fine ... Wish I had this when I was building it"
-Phill Hardstaff, Senior Support Engineer

"...cuts production time in half. Programming CGI scripts is fun again"
-Chris Brantley, Web Developer

"...I would like to use this product in my classroom.  I teach a class in Perl and this would be a wonderful tool for my students to use."
-Professor William J. Patterson

"...Optiperl Professional is one of the best and most useful development tools that I have ever used. Anybody doing Perl development without it is wasting their time."
-Michael L. Kaufman

"...Your software is not only awesome, but one of the best time savers for programmers, professional or amateur. Believe me, it has saved me many hours of script analysis, and I don't know how I ever worked without it. (Actually I do, and it is not a fond memory.) ... Excellent product, excellent price, excellent results"
-Gregg Hales, Keep It Simple Solutions

"...Thanks for a great piece of software. You have made Perl more accessible than any textbook ever did"
-Tim Gilroy

"Thank you very much... The OptiPerl is just for me !!"
- Euihwa Chung

"Just wanted to tell you that I *love* this software... have been writing Perl for 6 or 7 years now and it's never been so easy..."
- Jonathan Steinhart

"Thank you. the product is good and I use it, that is the best testimonial of all. Keep it up."
- Al Hospers, CamberSoft, Inc., www.cambersoft.com

"... I tested at least a dozen utilities, ranging from free to hundreds of dollars, and OptiPerl was easily the best -- and best deal -- that I found ... Equally important to me was your excellent service."
- John Falker

"Optiperl is the ONLY Perl development tool I use anymore. Your great work is appreciated!"
- Gregg Morrison

"Thank you for writing this IDE... It is a God-send for us Windows folks."
- John Wundes

"OptiPerl is by far the most useful piece of software I have purchased. An invaluable tool for any Perl programmer."
- Eloff Daniel, Eureka Publishing/Computing

"Thank You very much for Your excellent support and great program! Big Time Saver."
- Femi Hasani, Vision.To.Design

"You Guys are Great!!!"
- Bill Waters

"What I really liked about your product is that it had complete features in it for only $59..."
- Pat Carr

"Thanks for a great tool - it has cut my development and debugging time by 75%"
- Neil Trenholm, AlaWeb Internet Services

"The program is awesome"
- Arthur Anderson

"Thank You! I love this program!"
- Kelly Wilson

"I just wanted to say how much I like your product. OptiPerl has been such a godsend...  thank you for everything"
- Anthony Falls

"Thanks a lot. This was life saver"
- Jrgen Beckedahl

"I just wanted to thank you. I'm new at Perl programming and was having a difficult time with debugging, OptiPerl makes it so much easier! I will recommend it to my friends."
- David Arnold

"I am really glad I bought this product. The fact that updates are free is what helped me decide to buy yours and not others."
- Glenn Horning

"First impression is this is wondeful product and great value ... Using the trial version for a few days convinced me of the great value of this product and how it will increase my productivity. All I can say now is thanks for being there. Good luck to you."
- Thomas Owen

"...Well, my pain is over. You just offer the Perl "a la" Microsoft development environment that I've been expecting for years. Your product is just so intuitive, incredibly fast..."
- Blaise Barrelet, HobbyStage Inc.

"I've been using OptiPerl this afternoon and I must say you have an excellent product! I was up and running in 5 minutes. Very intuitive interface, really easy to use ... Well done on a brilliant product! I am very glad I bought it."
- Brent Maurer

"...I want to give my highest thanks for OptiPerl and what you guys have done with the last major release! Excellent! You guys have surpassed many other tools I have looked at, which is why I bought Opti in the first place, and to think you guys want less money than the others."
- Paul Coonan, PayMeToday.com

"I really love the OptiPerl editor. I was introduced to OptiPerl through a Perl Training seminar and really enjoy the product !!!"
- Jon Henderson

"Just wanted to drop a line and tell you what a great product you have. I think the object browser is invaluable and really makes this product shine. Good job!"
- Frank Villafane

"This is one of the best IDE I have ever come across. Keep up the excellent work."
- K.T. Suresh, WorldDial Telecommunication Inc.

"Beautiful. I was in love with OptiPerl 3.5 but this version simply is almost too much for a Perl Lover to handle. Every creature comfort a Perl guy could want is there and there with style. Good work and I look forward to years of use. A very loyal customer."
- Thomas Owen

"Thanks for your support! I already loved optiperl, with this type of support the value for money is incredible!"
- Ronald Debruijn

"The more I use OptiPerl, the more I wonder how I ever got anything done without it.... If it weren't for OptiPerl, I think I would have quit bothering with CGI programming. ... I spent $2,000 for an in-house linux server to use just for web development and debugging purposes. Since I got OptiPerl, I haven't even bothered to turn that machine on."
- Charles Gilbert

"...Thank you so much for the time and energy you have put into Optiperl. You have made an incredible difference and I just wanted you to know. Thanks again."
- Kenneth Cole, Northrop Grumman Corporation

"... just wanted to give you some feedback about your product...very impressive! Although I've not yet had time to try out all the features, so far I have found the editing, debugging, and server tools to be well designed, comprehensive, and highly configurable. As a webmaster, I do lots of perl coding and Optiperl promises to be a real asset. Thanks again for a brilliantly designed application!"
- Mark Van Orden

"Your product is of the highest caliber. Without it I could not have coded an interface ... after just 5 days of Perl class. This resulted in me being awarded my company's highest award ... Thank you for a very fine product."
- Bruno Ryczko

"I've used OptiPerl for well over a year now. Great product. I use it 5-8 hours a day. Don't know how I would do Perl software development without it. Thanks."
- Gene Allen, Florida, USA

"On another note, let me say that this is still by far the best Perl development environment. Ever. I can't even quantify how much value I've gotten from it."
- Darren Young

"I just wanted to thank you for OptiPerl! I´ve been using it for quite some time now at the firm I´m working for hitflip.de and it made programming a lot easier and faster! Thank you very much!"
- Karsten Tralst, www.hitflp.de

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