Plug-Ins extend OptiPerl using OLE automation. For more information please see the plug-in documentation, or OptiPerl's help file, under section "Plug-Ins".

Below are some example plug-ins. To install, unzip the perl script in each archive, and copy to the "plug-ins" folder where you installed OptiPerl. Afterwards, select the menu item Tools / Start-stop plug-ins / Update.

JavascriptFunctions - By Konstantin Tokar
Shows JavaScript function by Control-D or Code Explorer.

SubroutineExplorer - By I.Bartel
Perl script to jump into a subroutine under cursor and easy jump back.

Closes all tabs except the current open file in the editor.

Displays statistics of active file in "Text" tab of browser.

Searches for the next (or previous) line from the cursor that is not commented or empty line, adding the shortcuts Ctrl+Alt+PgUp & Ctrl+Alt+PgDn.