OptiPerl Pro vs. Commercial

Can you tell me what the difference between the Pro and the Commercial version is?  

I'm in a corporate environment, but do not need to install the product on multiple computers.  I only need a single install for a single user?  Can I get away with the Pro version?  Are there any functionality differences between the Pro and Commercial versions?


To answer you question, the difference is mainly the licensing, as the commercial version is to be used by corporations for commerial use, and the pro version is for hobby use by individuals.

In the program itself, there are minor differences, mainly for the commercial version to support sharing of files between networked users. This however is only in case of multiple licenses; if a corporation has one seat or programmer, then 1 license of the commercial version is still needed.

Techical support is also given to users of the commercial version with higher priority.

15.05.2003. 16:44

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