Lost registration info

I have reformatted my hard drive, and I need to download OptiPerl again. I have also forgotten my password. How can I get my registration details again?

To obtain your registration details and password, go to the Customer Care Page page and enter the e-mail you registered with to have the data sent to you again.

You will get your log-in and password, so you can download again OptiPerl and all related files.

18.09.2002. 09:36

Bill Prescott on 15.01.2009. 19:33

I registered a very long time ago and my email address has changed. What should I do now?

> If you have access to your old e-mail, go here: https://secure.xarka.com/cc/  . Else contact us with your old e-mail so I can send you your password. Harry.

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