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OptiPerl news
· OptiPerl 5.4 Released
· OptiPerl 5.3 Released
· Registered customer's pages
· OptiPerl 5 Released

· Administrator Rights when installing
· Search and replace in entire directories
· Code completion and Linux
· Default path for browsing
· How to restore original display layouts
· Unable to resize main IDE window
· Linux Version
· Code completion on perl <5.6
· Explorer context menu does not create new scripts
· Optiperl does not open .pl, .pm etc.
· Getting rid of mouseover hints
· Paramaterized require statements
· Missing Libraries
· Optiperl starting perl.exe?
· Compiler can't locate modules
· Tool Tips missing
· Problems loading last window layout
· Checklist for Code Completion
· Saving settings when updating
· *.~* files created
· Support for versions of perl
· Saving Settings
· Hitting APPLY or OK does not change colors
· "my" function not contained?
· How can add a new perl file extension?
· Delay before "hints"
· File extension .pl linked to Editor
· "\n" Does not start a new line
· How to change the text in the menu items
· About OptiPerl's settings

· Selecting column mode in editor
· Editor settings & Cursor beyond EOL
· Extended Keyboard
· Editor delimiters
· "Start up editor with last open files" not working
· How to edit the files created in the coding utf-8
· loop depth and 2nd editor Qs
· Default cursor position in editor
· Syntax Highlighting & Variables
· Files with no extension
· Refresh read-only status
· Using editor templates
· Focusing editor with ESC
· Save As.. directory
· Word wrap incompatible with code folding
· How to show gray vertical line in editor?
· File extensions
· Whitespace - Cursor beyond EOL
· Exporting syntax highlighting settings
· Close file with double-click
· HTML code unreadable
· Bracket matching tool?
· Files in recent menu I never opened??
· How to modify the pop-up menu?

Projects & Sessions
· Free CGI perl Hosting
· SFTP Setup?
· Shebang command line parameters
· Shebang swapping
· SRemote file transfer mode
· Windows, psftp, and line endings
· Transfer Session & Version Converter

Running & Debugging
· Setting up Firefox
· Set active script
· Setting a value while debugging
· .perldb and perldb.ini
· Query editor combo box
· Syntax checker error: No such file or directory
· Timeout on tutorial
· Can't locate ... in @INC
· Using Debugger With Query Editor?
· Buttons are grayed out
· Debugger timeout
· Debugger unable to connect to remote host
· Too late for "-T" option
· Troubleshooting debugging via loopback
· Testing locally
· Remote debugging scripts & editing source files
· Perl5lib ignored
· Debugging wxPerl scripts
· "Invalid filename" when starting debug
· Background Perl Error Checking Config
· Launching script with batch file
· Breakpoint information
· Setting timeouts
· Error message when remote debugger is called
· Running script in DOS
· How to evaluate a long expression with the mouse?
· Changing values of variables "real time"
· Step by step guide for remote Debugging
· Stepping through code
· Local file reload with remote debugging
· Requiring a File in Subroutine
· Why is "Content-Type: text/html" at the top?
· Using environmental variables
· Console scripts
· ARGV parameters with spaces
· Panic button - Halt browser
· Timeout
· Run in console problem
· Run in Console shows black screen

User tools & plug-ins
· Common tools in OptiPerl Commercial
· CVS commit
· Find Optiperl install path via perl?
· Close all but this
· Reordering files in project
· Closing command window after completing
· Explore subroutine plugin with jump back
· Where are user tools stored?

Using web servers offline
· Server Push technique
· Steps to setup Apache
· Using Server Side Include (SSI)
· Cannot turn on Server/Internal server enabled
· Optiperl not seeing Apache
· Executing with internal server shows strange page
· Can't connect to localhost using Apache
· OptiPerl and IIS
· Turning off "Can't locate ... Apache:..." warning
· Cannot turn on internal server
· Mapped network drive problem
· Problem with SSI (server side includes)

· Newbie Tutorials
· No perl docs after registering
· OptiPerl Pro vs. Commercial
· Lost registration info