Can't connect to localhost using Apache

I installed Apache on my Windows XP computer so that I would have the capability to test password and user validation locally via .htaccess.

Two problems:
When I install Apache, I'm presented with a dialog box to define my Domain and my Server Name. What should I put here? Do I just type "localhost"?

Anyway, no matter what I type, it finishes installing and then the server 'starts'. The main problems is that I can't seem to connect to localhost via a web browser.

Nothing seems to happen when I type http://localhost inside the address bar of a browser: no error message or anything. The progress bar on the browser very slowly moves until about half way, and then it just stays there.

I must be doing something wrong. Suggestions?

First of all I would recommend to install apache & perl using this package as it has been tailored to be used with perl and is easy to install.

Now after apache starts, entering http://localhost/ or should show the page index.html in c:\apache2\htdocs

If not, take a look in the error log and access log in c:\apache2\logs, as it could provide more information.

Are you running a firewall, either from windows XP or a third-party? If yes, make sure apache.exe is allowed proper access.

16.03.2004. 00:52

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