Can't connect to localhost using Apache

I installed Apache on my Windows XP computer so that I would have the capability to test password and user validation locally via .htaccess.

Two problems:
When I install Apache, I'm presented with a dialog box to define my Domain and my Server Name. What should I put here? Do I just type "localhost"?

Anyway, no matter what I type, it finishes installing and then the server 'starts'. The main problems is that I can't seem to connect to localhost via a web browser.

Nothing seems to happen when I type http://localhost inside the address bar of a browser: no error message or anything. The progress bar on the browser very slowly moves until about half way, and then it just stays there.

I must be doing something wrong. Suggestions?

First of all I would recommend to install apache & perl using this package as it has been tailored to be used with perl and is easy to install.

Now after apache starts, entering http://localhost/ or should show the page index.html in c:\apache2\htdocs

If not, take a look in the error log and access log in c:\apache2\logs, as it could provide more information.

Are you running a firewall, either from windows XP or a third-party? If yes, make sure apache.exe is allowed proper access.

16.03.2004. 00:52

Jonte on 17.03.2009. 03:54

Got the same problem, cant connect to localhost. Ive changed the port to 8080 in the settings but it doesnt work. Iam downloaded wamp and running apache from there (everything appears to be working) What could be the problem? something in the config ive missed out to change?

> If apache works in a browser out of optiperl, then that must mean there is a problem with Optiperl's configuration. Please see the section "web servers" in the documentation

Adam on 02.03.2009. 06:44

I have the same problem ... installed Apache & it is running on my machine (icon is visible on task bar). But running "" just shows a "Connection Interrupted" error.

Note that if I hover over the Apache icon the hint says "No Services Installed" ... have I missed a step??

ambi on 07.11.2007. 01:13


This is ambi.Actually we were developed one application.Our current browser window is not supporting for this.So i downloaded mozilla firefox.I was trying to connect my localhost with the port number of apache tomcat server.But it is not connecting.

I got some idea from google, means i changed manually the proxy setting of network connection in tools-->options-->network-->connecton settings in this vai.

Still it is not connecting to the localhost.Is there any changes to do in this settings?


> Make sure a firewall is not blocking apache. It's not a problem of any of the two browsers.

xenicator on 08.09.2007. 13:48

Also make sure you have the port number correct. I had the same problem until I figured out that it was running on 8080. So

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