Cannot turn on Server/Internal server enabled

It keeps telling me that it can't start it, and to make sure that no other servers are on port 80, but I didn't bring anything up. So, I restarted the pc.. and started up optiperl with nothing else. Same message.

how do I figure out what is on port 80?  I can't find anything in the documentation.

Surely something must be running. Some firewalls can show what is on each port. Alternatevly, run from the start menu / Run the command:

And then enter:
netstat -nab

This will list all connections and the corresponding executable. Note that waiting servers are shown having the status "LISTENING". If optiperl has the internal server enabled, then one of the lines in the list is:

Proto Local Address Foreign Address State PID

In your case for item you should find the program that is using port 80.

Note that usually this could be inetinfo.exe, which is windows ISS. You can disable this from Control Panel / Administration Tools / Internet Information Services.

If its apache.exe, you can turn off apache from
Control Panel / Administration Tools / Services

I thought of a program I have that sets up a "dummy server".  Hostman.  It is an anti spam program that blocks certain ips thru the windows host file.  so, when I closed the Hostman server, Optiperl worked. I just thought I would let you know since it doesn't seem to show port 80 at all when I do the command (nab) that you told me to do.

18.06.2006. 05:38

Randem on 27.08.2007. 03:39

What I did was change the port to 79 an unused port.

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