Cannot turn on internal server

I cannot turn on Server/Internal Server enabled.  Why is that menu item not available?

The only possibility for this option to not be available is:

1) In options (or project options) / external server / Executable is found running in memory.

By default this is apache.exe. So if apache is found running in memory, then the internal server will be disabled.

2) If "consider external server loaded" is enabled.

However I would recommend closing apache (make sure it is not running in memory) and use optiperl's internal server. You will see that when shutting down apache, you will be able to turn on the internal server of optiperl.

Afterwards, please read the tutorial in the help file, under "Tutorials / Creating an html page with a form".

If however for some reason you must use apache, then read "Web servers - advanced / using apache".

22.06.2003. 11:49

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