Server Push technique

I am trying to run my script with Optiperl built in web server, it works great except that for some reason it cannot do autoflush.

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Steps to setup Apache

Here are the main steps you should follow after installing apache.

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Cannot turn on Server/Internal server enabled

It keeps telling me that it can't start it, and to make sure that no other servers are on port 80, but I didn't bring anything up. So, I restarted the pc.. and started up optiperl with nothing else. Same message.

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Using Server Side Include (SSI)

Using Server Side Include (SSI) in html files under windows requires installing and using apache as an external server.

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Optiperl not seeing Apache

I have a stand alone PC, running windows XP Pro and Apache4 with Optiperl5 and setup my entire web site on the PC to run as an off line web.

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Executing with internal server shows strange page

When I run my script using the internal server, in my browser page I sometimes get this result:

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Can't connect to localhost using Apache

I installed Apache on my Windows XP computer so that I would have the capability to test password and user validation locally via .htaccess.

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OptiPerl and IIS

I've installed ActivePerl and Optiperl and IIS on Windows 2000 and am trying out some of the sample scripts with .cgi extensions, but don't have a cgi-bin folder anywhere.

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Turning off "Can't locate ... Apache:..." warning

I am writing mod_perl code via OptiPerl on a XP box running activestate.  The box does not have mod_perl installed.

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Cannot turn on internal server

I cannot turn on Server/Internal Server enabled.  Why is that menu item not available?

The only possibility for this option to not be available is:

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Problem with SSI (server side includes)

I have purchased OptiPerl and have a question about testing with the recommended Apache server installed locally for testing purposes.

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Mapped network drive problem

I am running a webserver on another machine and i'm using windows networking to access the drive. I mapped the computer i want to work on to z: now I'm having problems making optiperl execute the programs from the external serrver.

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