Windows, psftp, and line endings

Optiperl is running on a WinXP box, the server is Apache on Red Hat 9, the transfer program is psftp, the putty secure ftp client.  It seems the windows perl scripts are going over to the server in binary, thus with incorrect line endings, despite the Optiperl labelling them "Text" in the project manager window.  I suspect this is because (I think) psftp lacks a text mode (at least when I run it from the command line on the XP box, and type help, I don't see the "binary" or "mode" or "text" options I remember from my ftp experience of long ago.)

Any suggestions?


Yes the selection text or binary in the project manager, if you are uploading with secure FTP does not matter, since the file is always uploaded as binary.

What you need to do is for each file that is uploaded, to select from menu "File / Unix Format". This will save the file unix style, and so binary transfers will work ok.

This needs to be done only once for each file, because the next time you open the file, optiperl will recognize the line endings it has and set this selection accordingly.

23.07.2003. 19:24

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