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I am running Optiperl on an XP box.  I am not running scripts on the box; I have a Linux apache server ("dev") as my development machine for testing.  For testing, I push the content from the XP machine to the local apache server.  Once working, I push the  content from the XP machine to the outside co-located apache server ("outside").

There are some slight differences between the dev and the outside machines (To keep my life simple, I try to minimize these differences, of course).  

How can I use Version Converter to help me with this setup?
Note there is no "Local" version, there are two "Server" versions.

On a similar note, when I change Project Options to publish  from XP -> dev to XP -> outside, I need to change two things: select a new transfer session, and change my "corresponds to directory on remote server" box.  Is there a way to embed the destination (ie "corresponds to directory on remote server" ) into the Transfer Session settings, so making the XP->dev to XP->outside switch requires only selecting the appropriate Transfer Session from the pulldown menu on the Project Options screen?

A solution for the first problem could be the following:

Edit all your files as LOCAL. Now whenever you want to publish to dev, go to Tools / Remote sessions, and remove the checkbox from "automatically convert version". For publishing to outside, enable the checkbox.

The best would be, if the files in the project don't change often, to have two different projects. Note that you can change between them fast from the favorites button on the project window toolbar. This would also have the advantage to only publish the files that have changed automatically, and not manually reseting their status to be published.

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