SFTP Setup?

I see OptiPerl support SFTP, but well, how to configure the port (I'm not using the default SSH port) and a key file for authentication?

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Free CGI perl Hosting

For a searchable list of free web hosting services that support a cgi-bin folder and perl, see here:

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Shebang command line parameters

I've got a project all set up to swap the shebang when I publish. It mostly works fine, but it is also preserving the cmd line options of my local files.

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Shebang swapping

I'm trying to test my scripts using an external apache server locally. However to do this, my scripts need this shebang line:

But when I publish it, they need this line:

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Transfer Session & Version Converter

I am running Optiperl on an XP box.  I am not running scripts on the box; I have a Linux apache server ("dev") as my development machine for testing.  For testing, I push the content from the XP machine to the local apache server.  Once working, I push the  content from the XP machine to the outside co-located apache server ("outside").

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Windows, psftp, and line endings

Optiperl is running on a WinXP box, the server is Apache on Red Hat 9, the transfer program is psftp, the putty secure ftp client.

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SRemote file transfer mode

When I ftp a cgi script to the server (Save to Location) it is transferred in binary mode, and raises a 500 error when run. Once I run dos2unix against the file on the server, it executes okay. Is there a setting somewhere that I can use to specify ascii transfer?

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