Where are user tools stored?

I have another machine at home that I installed this version of OptiPerl on and want the user tools menu to include the CVS entries that I added to my other system. Is all of this stored in an ini file somewhere perhaps that I may just copy over?

All the settings optiperl uses are stored in files under the \application data\optiperl folder. This is at

Windows 98/Me : C:\windows\All Users\Application Data\OptiPerl\
Windows NT : c:\WinNT\Profiles\{Active User}\Application Data\OptiPerl\
Windows 2000/XP : C:\Documents and Settings\{Active User}\Application Data\OptiPerl\

The tools are in tools.csv. It is comma separated and each value is quoted, so you can open in any editor or database.The format used is:

"Tool name","executable","parameters","starting folder","index of graphic (0..120)","leave console open after run (0..1)","Unique ID"

The unique ID can be any unique string with [\d\w]+, and is used to identify the tool in the main menu.

Also note that the commercial version has some extra settings for the user tools. You can select a "common folder" for all users over a network (see options dialog), with a second tools.csv in it, so all users can share the same tools.

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