Reordering files in project

You cannot reorder items in the project manager, for the same reason you can't do this in windows explorer, because usually a list of files is always sorted by name, size etc. You can sort the files by category, by clicking on the titles of the columns.

The following plug-in will delete all redundunt files, and rescan the "local starting directory" you have selected in project options.

#Name: Refresh Project Files
#Description: Refresh (add or remove) all files in open project
#Icon: %opti%Tools.icl,110

use Win32::OLE;

sub Initialization {
$optiperl = Win32::OLE->new('OptiPerl.Application');
$project = $optiperl->Project;

# Remove first reduntant files from project
my $deletecount=0;
my $count = $project->Count;
for (my $i = $count-1; $i >= 0; $i--) {
$item = $project->items($i);
if (! -e $item->Filename) {

foreach (@delete) {
$optiperl->OutputAddLine("Removed: $_");

# Add again folder
my $startfolder = $project->GetOpt("LocalPath");


sub Finalization {

if (! defined $valid_plugin)

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