Common tools in OptiPerl Commercial

OptiPerl supports common tools, which are user tools shared between computers running optiperl on a network. To use:

1. Add the tool using Tools/Configure User Tools... This adds the tool to the local Tools.csv.

2. Open the local "Tools.csv" and cut the entry associated with the new tool.

3. Open or create the common "Tools.csv" file (using any text editor) and paste the entry there. The path that this file is found can be set here: Tools / Options / multi user, and can be a network drive.

4. Restart OptiPerl.

5. Go to Tools menu / Edit toolbars / User tools category then drag and drop into the Tools/User tools/ menu.

14.11.2006. 12:54

Paul Sirianni on 22.11.2006. 14:19

OptiPerl is duplicating the shortcut key sequence for the user tools I have added (step 5 above). I added a "local" user tool that OptiPerl gave the shortcut CTRL+ALT+S then I added a "common" user tool that OptiPerl gave the same shortcut to. I have deleted and then added each from the menu individually with the same result. Is this a bug? Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Paul

Optiperl does not check for duplicates in this case. Just assign a shortcut manually from Tools / Edit shortcuts.


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