Common tools in OptiPerl Commercial

OptiPerl supports common tools, which are user tools shared between computers running optiperl on a network.

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CVS commit

I have setup CVS in order to access a remote CVS server and it works all fine. What I couldn't find out from the manual is:

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Find Optiperl install path via perl?

I'm working on a plugin that will be split up into separate modules, and I need to get the path where Optiperl is installed on the local machine.

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Closing command window after completing

I have been unable to figure out from your GUI when creating a user defined menu item how to turn on or off the ability to have the command window to exit upon completing.

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Close all but this

Sometimes you want to close a lot of tabs. What would be nice is to have an option "Close all but this". In other words, this option would close all tabs except the current open file.

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Explore subroutine plugin with jump back

I've written a small plugin to quickly explore a subroutine. Simply press Ctrl-Down arrow on a subroutine use in your code to jump to that sub. Just press Ctrl-Down again to jump back.

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Reordering files in project

You cannot reorder items in the project manager, for the same reason you can't do this in windows explorer, because usually a list of files is always sorted by name, size etc. You can sort the files by category, by clicking on the titles of the columns.

The following plug-in will delete all redundunt files, and rescan the "local starting directory" you have selected in project options.

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Where are user tools stored?

I have another machine at home that I installed this version of OptiPerl on and want the user tools menu to include the CVS entries that I added to my other system. Is all of this stored in an ini file somewhere perhaps that I may just copy over?

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