OptiPerl 5.3 Released

OptiPerl version 5.3 was released today with the following changes:

  • Updated regular expression tester engine.
  • Updated perl tidy engine.
  • Fixed bug with regular expression tester that showed wrong descriptions.
  • Better support for Windows Vista.
  • Minor bug fixes.

To update, just install the new version over the previous.

Registered customers can update the new version free or charge at thee Customer Care page https://secure. xarka.com/.

30.12.2006. 10:03

nugged on 20.02.2008. 02:46

when will be new version with saving bookmarks into projects and remembering position of cursor in editing files too?

also one big feature request:
can FTP put files to mine server in temporary name and then rename on server to avoid "500" error on site while uploading script? For example I edit "main.pl" file. When I say fpor optiperl to pulish, it puts to server file "main.pl_optiperl_temp" for example and then renames it to "main.pl" on server?

It's very important, I have 3-10 pageloads per SECOND so when sometimes I have lags for 10-30 secs when putting mine main file for example my visitors het 500 error... massively! :(.

> These are still in our to-do list, probably for the next version after 5.4. Harry

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