Support for versions of perl

OptiPerl 4 and above supports major distributions of perl. If however you have installed 5.8 and you are getting the following message:

then this means that the build you are using was not compiled using compile-time options: MULTIPLICITY USE_ITHREADS.

Note that all major distrubutions of perl 5.8 are supported, like:

Apache/Perl (recommended) -
ActivePerl -

Also most other builds work also. One known build however that does not work is SiePerl, because it was not built with these options.

The reason that these compile time options are needed in the build of perl is for two things to function: 1) The regular expression tester, 2) Plug-ins. If you are getting this message than these will not function, but all the rest of the tools will.

28.06.2003. 01:35

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