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I'm using a trail-version of Optiperl now. I'm considering to buy a license. When i've changed some settings of Optiperl (like syntax-coding, tab-handling, etc) and I want to reinstall the software (for example when I reinstall Windows), how do i keep those settings then?

Is there a file I can save and later restore ?

When you uninstall the trial version your settings are not deleted from the computer, so you will not have any problem after installing the registered version.

OptiPerl stores all it's settings and options in the following application data folder:

Windows 98/Me: C:\windows\All Users\Application Data\OptiPerl\
Windows NT: c:\WinNT\Profiles\{Active User}\Application Data\OptiPerl\
Windows 2000/XP: C:\Documents and Settings\{Active User}\Application Data\OptiPerl\

If you change computers or re-format the drive, backing up all files found here and restoring to the same position on the new computer will completely restore optiperl' s settings.

However if you are just going to upgrade optiperl, this is not needed.

03.07.2003. 10:05

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