Saving settings when updating

Is there a way to keep your own settings saved when updating?

Are you sure you did not press by mistake the "reset" button in the options dialog? Generally uninstalling the old version, and then installing, or even installing without uninstalling the old version first, does not even touch the files located here:

Windows 98/Me: C:\windows\All Users\Application Data\OptiPerl\Settings
Windows NT: c:\WinNT\Profiles\{Active User}\Application Data\OptiPerl\Settings
Windows 2000/XP: C:\Documents and Settings\{Active User}\Application Data\OptiPerl\Settings

In this folder all setings are saved, and especially in the file settings.ini are among other the colors used. This is not deleted or ovewritten when upgrading.

31.07.2003. 10:39

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