Delay before "hints"

Is there a way to change the delay before the "hints" box opens?  It would be nice if it were a longer delay.  Also if I turn "hints" off, is there a hot key to get them to appear as a one time deal?


Go to Options dialog / Debugger / and change the setting for "live evaluation delay". This affects the hints that pop-up in the editor. All other hints are fixed at 1/2 second.

About the hint on demand, you can remove the "Enable hints" from Options / Environment II / Code completion. Afterwards, put the carret over a word, and select menu Search / Code completion (shortcut: Ctrl - Shift - Space). A hint or pop-up selection dialog will appear depending on were you are.

Note that when debugging, there are also hints from the evaluation of variables done from the debugger. To turn of these, you must unselect item "Live evaluation" from the debugger menu.

08.10.2002. 03:25

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