Code completion and Linux

Is it possible to use OptiPerl with a Linux-installation of Perl?

I working on a Windows PC, using a Samba server to access our Perl code from a Linux machine.

I have a Perl-installation on my Windows PC, but it can't compile the Perl-libraries on the Linux-machine. I have tried to configure OptiPerl to use perl on the Linux-machine, but that didn't work.

This setup means that I can't use code completion in OptiPerl :(

Is there a way to make this (akward) setup work?

No this is not possible, however usually in these cases you can run the script on the linux machine and debug it on the windows machine with optiperl. Of course both machines must be networked or connected to the internet.

See the following pages:

07.07.2006. 10:47

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