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I bought OptiPerl yesterday with only half hour with the trial.. It is the best IDE for Perl I've ever seen... One of the many cool features is the Code Completion but after read the index I think it's a bit hard to exactly know what do we need to check in order to make it works.

The help file said that the package should be written the way most CPAN packages are written.. Well.. I think my packages follow almost every rule from CPAN's and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

Could you please post the guidelines or a checklist of the things we must check in order to make it works?

Thanks in advance,

In general more simpler objects should be parsed correctly. Note however that it cannot do magic; perl does not predeclare objects so alot of guesswork is done.

For an example of a simple object that is parsed correctly, see the "perltoot" documentation.

For the explanation of each subroutine, (what you see when you hover the mouse over a subroutine, or press ctrl-shift-space), this is parsed from the pod documentation of the module. For example:

=item age()
Age documentation
or also:

=item B<peers()>
Peers documentation


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