Administrator Rights when installing

OptiPerl can be run under a limited rights user account instead of an administrator account.

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Search and replace in entire directories

You can search & replace text in files under any directory.

To do this, from Tools / File Explorer / Press the "Find" toolbar button.

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Code completion and Linux

Is it possible to use OptiPerl with a Linux-installation of Perl?

I working on a Windows PC, using a Samba server to access our Perl code from a Linux machine.

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Default path for browsing

I would like optiperl to open the file browser in my servers path instead of the optiperl server path. Where can I set this option?

Do you mean in the Tools / File explorer window ?

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How to restore original display layouts

I was working with Optiperl and unlinked the screen displays.  So now I have screens either floating or cascading in a single window.

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Unable to resize main IDE window

When I start OptiPerl it is maximized.  I would like to resize it, but while I'm able to do so horizontally, I am unable to resize in the vertical.

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Linux Version

We are only working on the windows version. A linux version is not planned yet.

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Code completion on perl <5.6

We must use the Perl 5.004... version. Is the code completion only working with newer versions?

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Explorer context menu does not create new scripts

Creating new files with Explorer's context menu does not work. It shows up only OptiPerl POD Document instead of all Optiperl file types! The registry is ok. For example it shows:

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Optiperl does not open .pl, .pm etc.

Optiperl is registered for the following file types:
.cgi, .op, .opj, .pl, .plx, .pm, .pod

Doublecklicking or opening with Explorer's context menu does not work!

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Getting rid of mouseover hints

How to get rid of or at least lengthen the delay of the hints when you mouse over buttons or the code explorer? thanks for any help.

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Paramaterized require statements

I have code that looks like:

require "/etc/";

require "$master_include_file_dir/";

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Missing Libraries

On my Unix box I have installed the Net::SSH::Perl library. However this is not available on PPM, so naturally enough Optiperl barfs when doing its syntax checking.

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Optiperl starting perl.exe?

It's normal for optiperl to run perl for different reasons, like run the script or the debugger, or do error testing.

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Tool Tips missing

When I first installed Optiperl, I would get what I refer to as "Tool Tips": little window boxes that appear when you let your mouse hover over an icon such as the 'debug icon'.

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Problems loading last window layout

Optiperl will not save "Last Session" layout, and always opens with the windows messed up. If I reposition them as desired, and exit, it stills loads wrong on next open.

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Compiler can't locate modules

Perl cant locates several modules. The modules are indeed in the @INC path. Any tips what im doing wrong?

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Checklist for Code Completion

I bought OptiPerl yesterday with only half hour with the trial.. It is the best IDE for Perl I've ever seen... One of the many cool features is the Code Completion but after read the index I think it's a bit hard to exactly know what do we need to check in order to make it works.

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Saving settings when updating

Is there a way to keep your own settings saved when updating?

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*.~* files created

When I close all files from a project in the editor, some of the program filename.~pl extension files are not deleted. I think that these are temporary files and that they should be deleted!

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Saving Settings

I'm using a trail-version of Optiperl now. I'm considering to buy a license. When i've changed some settings of Optiperl (like syntax-coding, tab-handling, etc) and I want to reinstall the software (for example when I reinstall Windows), how do i keep those settings then?

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Support for versions of perl

OptiPerl 4 and above supports major distributions of perl. If however you have installed 5.8 and you are getting the following message:

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Hitting APPLY or OK does not change colors

Hitting APPLY or OK does not change default colorscheme in Options dialog.

Press instead the apply button (at the top-left) that is in page Syntax Coding / Color scheme name.

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"my" function not contained?

Since "my" is supposed to be "local" to the subroutine, why does Optiperl give these warnings:

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File extension .pl linked to Editor

Ever since all perl executables are linked to OptiPerl, so instead of being executed they open up in the editor. How do I change this?

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How can add a new perl file extension?

How can I add a new perl file extension?
I want to add extension opl (file with this extension contains perl script like .pl script).

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"\n" Does not start a new line

What is wrong with this small script? When I run it in the Run Window, it prints everything on one long line. I am new to Perl but I thought that "\n" at the end of a line would start a new line.

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Delay before "hints"

Is there a way to change the delay before the "hints" box opens?  It would be nice if it were a longer delay.  Also if I turn "hints" off, is there a hot key to get them to appear as a one time deal?

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How to change the text in the menu items

Can I change the actual text that appears in each main menu item?

When edititing the main menu, toolbars, or custom toolbars and menus (do this by selecting Tools / Customize toolbars), you can right click on any menu or toolbar item. This will open a pop-up box that you can enter a different label for the item and also has other options.

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About OptiPerl's settings

All the settings optiperl uses are stored in files under the \ application data \ optiperl folder. This is at location:

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