Editor delimiters

I use the keyboard to highlight text for edit/copy/paste/etc alot.

For instance, for the code below:

<input type="radio" name="TYPE" value="0" > Blah Blah ...

If I wanted the replace the name 'TYPE' to another value, I will
[1] quickly move the cursor to position between the '"' and 'T' using 'Ctrl-[arrow keys]'
[2] highligh the entire word 'TYPE' with 'Ctrl-Shift-[right arrow]'
For the above action, Optiperl will highlight all characters up to the position before 'value=..'. I will then need to manually press [left arrow] twice to move the cursor position back to the point right after 'TYPE'.
[3] replace the word

Step 2 above of highlighting the text is very tedious. Can Optiperl be programmed so that cursor will stop right before the delimiter '"'?

Alot of the other editors seem to have this behaviour ... please check UltraEdit/Textpad as reference.


This has to do with the delimiters used to bound selected text. You can add the " at Tools / Options / Editor / Behaviour / Delimiters. The delimiter seem to have effect on mouse double clicks text selection. For keyboard, it has no effect.

03.03.2005. 02:49

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