Selecting column mode in editor

Is there a way to select in column mode like ultraedit?

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Editor settings & Cursor beyond EOL

Is it possible to change the native behavior of the editor in this way:

If I have line with source code like this:

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Extended Keyboard

I have a Microsoft Office Keyboard with cut, copy and paste keys. They are not being recognized by Optiperl Pro version 5.1.57. I checked the 'Enable extended keyboard support' box in Options/Environment.

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Editor delimiters

I use the keyboard to highlight text for edit/copy/paste/etc alot.

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"Start up editor with last open files" not working

When I uncheck "Start up editor with last open files" and then close and reopen I still get the same 5 files I had open maybe a month ago. How can I clear these out?

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How to edit the files created in the coding utf-8

How to edit the files created in the coding utf-8?

Unfortunately this is not supported.

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loop depth and 2nd editor Qs

I have a few files which for various reasons have some very deep nested loops.... Currently via the gui it is only possible to set six levels...

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Default cursor position in editor

First, what a superb and excellent product! After trying numerous IDE's, I can't believe what a great product this is.

I've got a quick question.

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Syntax Highlighting & Variables

When I lexically scope a variable with my $var; in a subroutine and I have allready a global variable $var outside this subroutine, then the variable within the subroutine is still highlighted with bold characters as if it was the global variable.

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Files with no extension

Is there a way to have OptiPerl open a file with no extension and highlight it as perl? For whatever reason I am working on a project in cvs that has all the perl files stored with no extension.

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Refresh read-only status

Can you refresh the read-only status of files regularly in OptiPerl?  Often times, I have a file open in OptiPerl and decide to check it out from source control.

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Using editor templates

I am trying to make code completion work and it is not working the way I thought it would.

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Focusing editor with ESC

The escape key, when pressed anytime, will move the focus to the editor window, and even show it if was hidden.

So this is a usefull shortcut if you are using the different windows in Optiperl.

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Save As.. directory

The "Save As.." seems to always suggest \OptiPerl\WebRoot\cgi-bin as a default directory. Is it possible to change that?

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Word wrap incompatible with code folding

If code folding is not being shown, then word wrap (from Options / Editor / Behavior) might be enabled. This is incompatible with code folding.

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How to show gray vertical line in editor?

I can't see how to get the gray vertical line in the image below:

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File extensions

I use ".t" files for module tests, e.g. "Baz.t" tests While I've mapped the .t file to optiperl in WinXP, so clicking on a .t files opens it in Optiperl, once it opens, optiperl itself doesn't regognize it as a perl script, so I have to go to File->Other Languages->Perl to set the type.

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Whitespace - Cursor beyond EOL

I don't know how to explain this. When I use OptiPerl, and lets say im on a line of code, and the next line is empty. If I hit down, it goes straight down instead of going all the way to the left (since its empty.) Is there a way to make it not count every space?

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Exporting syntax highlighting settings

Is there any way of exporting syntax highlighting settings to a second machine?

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HTML code unreadable

When I open any of my scripts in the Editor, all HTML code following a print _CODE_ type statement has black hatched lines superimposed over it - so it is unreadable. Rest of the code appears okay, just the HTML bits are unreadable.

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Close file with double-click

Go to options / Editor / behavior and enable "close with double click on tab". This will close files by double clicking on the tab.

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Bracket matching tool?

The closing bracket gets highlighted, when i move the cursor over the corresponding bracket, but if the code in between the brackets fills more than one screen i never get to see.

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Files in recent menu I never opened??

Under File/Recent scripts, a list of cgi scripts is shown which I did not load/run in Optiperl.  Where did it come from.  I have loaded only one script, but there are 8 shown.

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How to modify the pop-up menu?

How can I modify the pop-up menu when you right click the in the editor?

You can customize the menu selecting menu Tools / Customize toolbars.

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