Using Debugger With Query Editor?

I'm trying to put values in the Post Method tab of the Query Editor and then run a script on the internal server and use those values with the debugger. Is this possible?

The values I defined in the Query Editor don't appear in my script when stepping through with the debugger.

I query my form data like this:

$myvar = Param('formelementname');

But all my variables are coming up empty. What am I doing wrong?

The only way I can use the debugger with test data is to physically put the data I want to test into my script and run it that way, but I'd much rather use the Query Editor if that's possible.

This is supported only if you are using the local debugger (debug / start debugger). If this is the case, the post data is fed correctly.

If you are using remote debugging (Debug / Wait for remote debugger) then you can use Browser / Run URL with query and enter the post data in the query editor. You will also need to enter a valid URL that invokes the script, for example

There are some cases that local debugging cannot work, but remote debugging can offer a solution. Please see here:

Also here are some links with information that could help you:

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