Syntax checker error: No such file or directory

I'm trying to syntax check a file:

This file uses another file elsewhere in the source tree called (indirectly) tries to open and read some text files (at the top-level). It opens them using a relative path from AirG. (e.g. "screenTemplate/customTemplate/orangech/strings/")

The syntax checker breaks in giving the error
Error - loadMultiHash: Couldn't open dir:screenTemplate/customTemplate/orangech/strings/ [No such file or directory] at Y:/airlibs/ line 422.

So, it can't find the file. It seems the syntax checking is using the full path of
Is there a way to configure this so that I can have all scripts run relative to Y:\AirG (i.e. Y:\AirG> perl -c Apps\Storefront\ <-- This works from the command line.
I tried to select Y:\AirG as my starting path, but that didn't seem to help.


Probably you need to set the search path of optiperl. If you have this file in a project, open the project options from project menu, and from the settings menu enter the search paths in the @INC field, or try pressing the "parse" button.

See here for more information:

19.07.2006. 23:43

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