Step by step guide for remote Debugging

OptiPerl's debugging service listens to port 9010 by default and understands output sent by the standard module that comes with every perl distrubution. So in general to debug:

- on the machine running optiperl, select "wait for remote debugger" from Debug menu.

- On the computer with the script, first verify that the default debugger has not been changed by some third-party program. When you run "perl -d", you should enter perl's console debugger. If not, then you will need to delete the PERL5DB environment variable either from the registry or the environment.

- Now again on the remote machine, tell perl's debugger where to send its output. To do this, set up the environment variable PERLDB_OPTS to something like:


where xx the IP of the computer running optiperl. If you are debugging via loopback on the same machine, this is OptiPerl has some tools to help with this, see menu Tools / Set-up & information.

- Now start your script using:

perl -d

If all is setup correctly, you should be able to control the debugger from optiperl.

There is also a tutorial in OptiPerl's help file, under Tutorials / Debugging on a remote web server, however this is aimed more for CGI scripts. See also the section "Debugging".

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