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in the documentation, it says on the query editor that if you click on "ADD" values (from the METHOD), that it will save the values so you don't have to enter them in again if you use the same values over and over for testing. But I couldn't figure out where it saved it.  so.. I looked at the documentation again.  It says:
You can save a query so you can access it later - do this by selecting Methods / Add values. The query will be added in the combo box of the Query menu in the main menu. To delete a previous query, select it from the combo box and press "Delete values".
I can't find a combo box in the query menu.. where is it?

It's an edit box in the query menu. See first if you have the query menu visible, by right clicking anywhere in the main menu. Make sure there is a check in front of the "Query menu".

If it is visible, but don't see the edit box, try to reset it. Press the little arrow at the rightmost of the query toolbar, click "Add/Remove buttons" and then "Reset toolbar"

The querys are saved in the project where the script belongs, so make sure the script is actually added to the project.

For a specific script's query history to be saved in a project, the script must be added in the project and then the project saved.

The project file (prj) is actually a text file that contains all that information.

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