.perldb and perldb.ini

When you set up .perldb and perldb.ini, you have a choice of what values you can use to set them up.

When I am on my son's pc, I have 3 choices.  here they are:

I was assuming that if I was trying to debug remotely, that I would always want to get the ip from the internet for.  

so, what are the other 2 values for?  When would I use them?

The second IP address is the IP of the machine running optiperl within the local network. This is used when you want to debug a script via loopback.

The third IP searches for the IP of your computer assigned by your internet host. This is used if you wanted to debug a script that you had uploaded to your web host.

The first IP is invalid and I assume it's because the computer has two network connections (a LAN and a wireless adapter), that only the second is used.

See http://www.xarka.com/optiperl/help/remotedebugging.htm for more information.

17.08.2006. 01:11

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