"Invalid filename" when starting debug

Can you tell me why I get an "invalid filename" when I try to debug?

I had my software on a specific place on my harddisk.
When I debugged, everything worked OK

Now I changed the location of the files to another place on my computer
When I debug, I get the message "invalid filename".

When I load the same file from the old location, everything works fine again.

I do not enter Debug, this message is given befor Debug mode is started.

What is the problem?

Maybe one of the scripts use a module by absolute path. See the use & require statements of each script.

The starting path (in run menu) was on the old file location.
I now put "same as script" and it works OK now.

By the way, this path was on a shared disk and the disk was not mapped.

31.03.2004. 09:57

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