Error message when remote debugger is called

When I try your 'cookie.cgi' script, it works just fine but with loopback testing using "Listen for Remote Debugger", I get the following error. What am I doing wrong? By the way, I have not changed anything in the script except add the "-d" flag to the first line.

Error Text in Browser
The system cannot find the path specified. Unable to get Terminal Size. The Win32 GetConsoleScreenBufferInfo call didn't work. The COLUMNS and LINES environment variables didn't work. The resize program didn't work. at C:/Perl/site/lib/Term/ line 343.
Compilation failed in require at C:/Perl/site/lib/Term/ReadLine/ line 58.

Term::ReadLine::Perl::new('Term::ReadLine','perldb', 'IO::Socket::INET=GLOB(0x1ee37a4)','IO::Socket::INET=GLOB(0x1ee37a4)') called at C:/Perl/lib/ line 5709 DB::setterm called at C:/Perl/lib/ line 2035 DB::DB called at C:\Program Files\OptiPerl\webroot\cgi-bin\cookie.cgi line 5.

This problem happens when the setting "ReadLine=0" is not present in the environment variable PERLDB_OPTS. To fix, go to Options dialog / Internal server (or project options) and make sure the value for PERLDB_OPTS reads like:

RemotePort= ReadLine=0

If it's already like this, then try also going to Debug / Setup & information, and from the first tab "debugging via loopback" press the two buttons to remote the value from the environment & registry.

15.01.2004. 16:52

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