Debugger unable to connect to remote host

Problems when trying to debug locally a simple hello world script run in the console.

1. In debug -> setup & information, i made sure both registry and environment setting were Code Sample RemotePort= ReadLine=0

2. I made the single .pl script the active script for debugging

3. I selected the option 'Debug' -> 'Continue Script'.

4. After about 10 seconds the script stops at the first line (why 10 seconds?) and all debug options to step and continue are disabled in the debug menu. I can only stop the debugger from here.

I also tried running the script from the commandline with the -d option, it shows the following error message:

Unable to connect to remote host:
Compilation failed in require.
       main::BEGIN() called at D:/Perl/lib/ line 0
       eval {...} called at D:/Perl/lib/ line 0
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted.

How can I fix this to just be able to debug a locally run, simple perl script?

From the code sample it seems that the setting:
RemotePort= ReadLine=0
is ignored, and replaced with the IP If you are sure that this is correct in the registry or environment variables, another possibiliy could be that this is set from files .perldb perldb.ini that exist in the same directory as the script. Try deleting these if found.

20.09.2005. 08:49

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