Debugger timeout

I have created a new project and added a folder with my scripts inside. When i trying to run a debugger i get an error:
"A timeout occured while starting the debugger. Please make sure, that executing "perl -d" from the console does start the debugger normally"
I have tryed to type in a console (cmd) the following: perl -d (this is a name of my script), and it started to debug, so this is not a case i assume, right? Furthermore, i get this error with every scripts in my project.

I have tryed to create a new project and create some simple perl script to debug. this time all works fine.

This is strange. Does it happen also with the examples included with optiperl?

Try this: Run optiperl with a parameter of

Optiperl.exe /deboutput

Start the debugger, try reproducing the problem, and then stop the debugger, and exit optiperl. You'll find the log file L_deboutput.log. This shows all activity and could show what went wrong. If you want you can send it back to and I'll try to figure out what is wrong.

now i see, it's becouse of the following error (extraction from the L_deboutput.log):] OUT:[
Not a valid domain:] [C1:PROB] [START] OUT:[Loading DB routines from version 1.19] OUT:[Editor support enabled.] OUT:[Enter h or `h h' for help, or `perldoc perldebug' for more help.] OUT:[Content-type:text/html] OUT:[]

The things is, my program needs to run on specific adress, not How can I force to run a debugger on a domain name, and not on ip address ? Can you, please, explain that in details. Ii have tryed to set a domainname in Setting up a remote debugging "-RemotePort=mydomainname:9010 ReadLine=0" but it still run on (judging on log file).

ok, i have dealed with my problem by working around (now my program can run on any adress, and debugger starts to work correctly). Though the question is still interest me, is there any way to change the address , on which debugger is running? (providing i wanna debug a script on a local computer, not on remote one.)

The debugger knows where to connect by reading settings that can be in the environment, the registry or a specific file. Optiperl has a tool to set exactly this, the "Debug / Set-Up & Information window"

Please read: that might help clarify some issues.


23.11.2005. 17:03

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