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I am not sure if this is a config problem or a bug but I have some perl programs that access libraries not outside of the compiled path segments of @INC. I don't want to push the additional path segments with a BEGIN for every program so I put the additional path segments in the Options dialogue for @INC. They don't appear to work because I still get an error message "Can't locate ..." with the background error checking. I know the additional segments are correct because I can use '-I' on the command line along with using the '-cw' flags and no errors are reported. Any Help?

Just add the path in the @INC path of Tools / Options / Perl, or if you are using a project, in the @INC of Project / Options.

This will also enable code explorer to parse the module.

Also note that in some cases were this is not possible, you can also select the option Run / Syntax checking only in script.

23.03.2004. 22:22

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