Setting up Firefox

You can setup Firefox as the secondary browser when running, so by selecting Run / Run in external browser, Firefox will open to test your script.

To do this, go to tools / Options / Running and in "Select secondary browser" enter the full path to Firefox.

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Setting a value while debugging

You can edit a value of any variable while debugging, which can be useful sometimes while testing. From the "Watches" window, just edit the value in one of the rows.

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.perldb and perldb.ini

When you set up .perldb and perldb.ini, you have a choice of what values you can use to set them up.

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Query editor combo box

in the documentation, it says on the query editor that if you click on "ADD" values (from the METHOD), that it will save the values so you don't have to enter them in again if you use the same values over and over for testing.

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Set active script

The purpose of "Set Current as Active Script" under Debugger in the main header?

This is used for the local debugger to select which script to debug by default.

It's only for speed; so if you are interested in a debugging a specific script you don't have to change the page to it each time you start the debugger.

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Syntax checker error: No such file or directory

I'm trying to syntax check a file:

This file uses another file elsewhere in the source tree called

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Timeout on tutorial

I am trying to go thru the tutorial. I am running the cookie.cgi described here:

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Can't locate ... in @INC

When I run my script from the browser (the option in optiperl) I get this:

Can 't locate /home/userme/public_html/cgi-bin/webbbs512t/ in @INC (@INC contains: C:/Perl/lib C:/Perl/site/lib .) at line 1.

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Using Debugger With Query Editor?

I'm trying to put values in the Post Method tab of the Query Editor and then run a script on the internal server and use those values with the debugger. Is this possible?

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Buttons are grayed out

When I open some of my perl scripts in project, I can't debug them, because the buttons, related to debugging are grayed out (i can't click them).

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Debugger timeout

I have created a new project and added a folder with my scripts inside. When i trying to run a debugger i get an error:
"A timeout occured while starting the debugger.

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Debugger unable to connect to remote host

Problems when trying to debug locally a simple hello world script run in the console.

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Too late for "-T" option

I can't seem to figure out how to get OptiPerl to syntax check my perl files when I include the -T taint mode switch:

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Troubleshooting debugging via loopback

Here are two things you can try:

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Testing locally

I would like to be able to develop the scripts on the local server here - that would be MUCH quicker - but all my scripts need the 'live' product databases etc. How do people normally work around this?

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Remote debugging scripts & editing source files

Environment: Linux server, Windows XP editing.  Upload files to server via FTP.  Server environment is a non-CGI environment (i.e. I just want to run scripts on there via perl -d

Debugging works fine, however when I'm tracing through the code, setting breakpoints etc., those breakpoints and line number that is executing is the one on the server as transferred at debug runtime.

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Perl5lib ignored

I store my custom modules in my own directory, and set the PERL5LIB environmental variable to include this directory.

Unfortunately, debug ignores this and states that it can't locate my modules.

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Debugging wxPerl scripts

How to debug wxPerl scripts in OptiPerl. I can open wxPerl examples and demos in the Editor and they run as expected in console mode without debugging.

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"Invalid filename" when starting debug

Can you tell me why I get an "invalid filename" when I try to debug?

I had my software on a specific place on my harddisk.

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Background Perl Error Checking Config

I am not sure if this is a config problem or a bug but I have some perl programs that access libraries not outside of the compiled path segments of @INC.

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Launching script with batch file

I usually use a windows batch script to pass command line args to my perl scripts - It makes maintenance easier, and keeps the console from disappearing if the script crashes.
batch file:

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Breakpoint information

Is there a way to keep breakpoints for all modules when debugging?

I can put the "-d" parameter in my scripts and it breaks as expected. I can then step into routines and setup breakpoints and they work as expected.

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Setting timeouts

I'm running a particularly complex utility (console) script in the browser window, and keep getting this timeout message box popping up "Warning. Timeout occured. terminate Process?".

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Error message when remote debugger is called

When I try your 'cookie.cgi' script, it works just fine but with loopback testing using "Listen for Remote Debugger", I get the following error. What am I doing wrong?

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Running script in DOS

How do I  run a script I created from a DOS window without OptiPerl being loaded to run the script? As an example, if I go to a command console window and enter my scirpt name to run, OptiPerl will load and then run my script.

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Local file reload with remote debugging

The problem is that the local file is not updated despite the fact that it is different from the one on the server. This happens quite a lot. Is there any way to force a download of the server's file every time?

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Requiring a File in Subroutine

Normally you have a simple...
require "$require_file";

However, I use a subroutine to require my files such as...

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Why is "Content-Type: text/html" at the top?

When I run my application straight from the browser with "" then I do NOT see the line:

Content-Type: text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1

visibly printed at the top of the page. Which should be the case.

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Using environmental variables

I have a question about reading in environmental variables. The below line doesn't seem to set the variable correctly.

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Console scripts

How do I run it as a regular Perl script? I only see it as being perl in a web development environment.

Usually from Run / Run in console & Run in browser, where you can also simulate sending keystrokes.

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ARGV parameters with spaces

I'm trying to pass ARGV parameters with spaces (a long dir name with spaces). I've tried all sorts of things and no luck. Any ideas?

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With some of the CGI type scripts I'm testing, I get this message when running them with OptiPerl4:-

OptiPerl Server Warning
This script was terminated because it ran more time then the maximum timeout limit you have set.

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Stepping through code

Is there a way to step through your code without stepping through your "use" modules?

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Panic button - Halt browser

Sometimes i can not use 'Run in internal Browser (F9)' to check my scripts. After some debugging and rerunning scripts (without server), the button is greyed out and F9 is disabled too.
A hanging perl process seems to be responsable for this! And no timeout appears.

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Run in console problem

I am new to Optiperl and perl in general and am having problem running code from within OptiPerl.  When I select <ctrl> <F9> or run in external browser everything works correctly and as expected.

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Run in Console shows black screen

I am working on an XP Machine and when I try to use Run in Console I only get a blank screen.

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Step by step guide for remote Debugging

OptiPerl's debugging service listens to port 9010 by default and understands output sent by the standard module that comes with every perl distrubution. So in general to debug:

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How to evaluate a long expression with the mouse?

When hovering over an expression with the mouse, if the expression contains spaces, only the result of part exactly under the mouse is shown in the hint window. How can I evaluate the entire expression?

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Changing values of variables "real time"

Can you change the values of variables (and/or arrays and hashes) in "real time"?

Yes. Open the watch window, and add the variable you want. Press the flag button to have it evaluated, and then enter it's new value in the grid. The change will be reflected in the programs flow instantly.

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