Docking Style


Visual style to apply to windows. The style "Themed" applies only to Windows XP and uses the selected theme.


Window Options


Allow docking windows with mouse only while Control is down

Normaly dragging a window over a container will grab and dock it by default, unless holding down at the same time the Control button. Selecting this option will reverse this behavior, e.g. docking will be enabled only if the Control button is down.


Show buttons in docked captions

Enables control buttons in docked windows.





Right-clicking on tabs displays context menu (Control-right click for window menu)

When right clicking on a docked window caption, if the window has a context menu, then it will be displayed, else a menu with window commands will be displayed. Unselecting this option reverses this behavior.


DockMenuContext Context menu


However if the Control button is down when right clicking, then the window menu will be displayed.


DockedMenuWin Window menu



Show floating windows in task bar (requires restart)

Enables displaying of all the floating windows in the windows taskbar for easy selection.



Docked caption height

Height of docked windows captions.



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