The Web Browser in OptiPerl is the window that you can view all the output of perl scripts and html documents.

In conjunction with the Browser toolbar, it is a basic web browser. However it has an important feature just for debugging:

At any time, all html output can be viewed either as a web document, either as text. Also there is a "send" line, for sending input to <STDIN> when running or debugging console scripts.


Read more in "Debugging Scripts" and "Running Scripts"


When running a script in the browser, there is a major difference on how the script is run, depending if "Run with Server" is selected:


  • If "Run with Server" is disabled, then the script is run directly and all it's output is piped to the browser.
  • If "Run with Server" is enabled, then the script is launched by sending a target URL to the browser, for example


Also from the Web Browser window, under the "Auto-View" tab, you can view at real-time the changes that happen to a file you select.


OptiPerl has the only internet browser with a find dialog that supports regular expressions.



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