You can develop mod_perl scripts using OptiPerl. Usually scripts optimized for mod_perl will work by launching each time perl like the internal server does, but the best would be to actually install apache on your computer with mod_perl to do it the correct way. It would be risky to develop mod_perl scripts any other way, because of the way apache runs them.


Read more about Using Apache for the set-up. What needs to added extra is an alias in Options or Project options / External server / Aliases that looks like:




If you want to run remote files, on your remote mod_perl enabled server you will also need an alias in the remote transfer session, that will look like:




icon_idea If you are porting a script to mod_perl, use the export function of the code explorer to create a list of all the variables used. Print a hard copy of the text, and check each variable for correct initialization.



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