Syntax Coding


Use syntax coding

Enable / disable syntax coding


Color code declared Identifiers

Color code with style "Perl Declared Identifier", variables and subroutines that have been declared in the script.


Variable differentiation in strings

Enables syntax coding variables even when used in strings.



Active text style

Active text style is the syntax coding style currently loaded. This may also be changed from the sub menu "Color coding" when editing.



Text style pages

On the text style pages you can select the font properties for all kinds of elements in scripts and programs.


Background color

Note that the background color selector also has a check mark. This is needed to override the default color of the editor if you want to.


Text style name

Name of the style. This changes the text in the sub menu "Color coding"


Reset style

Resets style to the default.


Copy from first style

Copies all properties from the first style.



Previewing changes on styles

While creating your own styles, we recommend pressing the Apply button, and moving the Options dialog so you can view the editor in the background.


Read more about Syntax Coding.




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