With the standard find & replace dialog you can look and replace for simple text in the file being edited. While the dialog is open, you can also edit the script. Selecting the command at menu Search / Find again, will find the next match after the cursor position.


Case sensitive

Whether the case of the text to find will matter while matching


Whole words only

Whether the text to find will be a part of a word or must be a whole word


Regular expression

Enables very simple metacharacters for the find text, like


$ ^ + ? .


It also enables the replacement text to contain the metacharacters:


\n New line

\t Tab


Do not enter more complex regular expressions here. The Pattern search / replace dialog is better and has more functionality.


Prompt on replace

If you have enabled replace, then you will be prompted for each replacement.



Search text either in a forward direction or backwards.



Whether to confine the search in the selected block or the entire file



Begin the search from the cursor position or from either the selected block or the entire file (depending on scope)


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