The internal server of OptiPerl does not support SSI. However you can use apache as an external server for offline testing. Create in the \htdocs folder a file named ".htaccess" (notice the starting dot) with the following text:


AddHandler server-parsed .shtml

Options +Includes


Now all html files added in this folder that have an shtml extension will be SSI enabled. For example:


1) Copy the "hello.cgi" script into the \cgi-bin folder of apache

2) create a file named "hello.shtml" in the \htdocs folder with the following text:



Running an SSI<p>

<!--#exec cgi="/cgi-bin/hello.cgi" -->



You should see the following output when running the shtml file (make sure apache is running)


Running an SSI

Welcome to OptiPerl!




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