To use OptiPerl you need a distribution of Perl for Windows. Most perl distrubutions will work fine.


If you first loaded OptiPerl and you had perl installed, then OptiPerl should have already found it.


If you do not have perl installed yet then:


1) Download perl:


You will find the distribution we recommend on OptiPerls support page:


2) Follow the instructions on the same page to install.


3) When you load OptiPerl, it should find it. If you get an error message that perl was not found, go to menu Tools / Options / Perl section and change to the location of perl.exe according to were you installed, for example c:\perl\bin\perl.exe


4) You are ready! If you are new to CGI Perl programming, read more in Basic Stuff.



icon_idea OptiPerl has an internal server to help developing CGI scripts, but also supports third party servers like apache. You can also use mySQL. There are also some user tools set up for CVS.



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