When Running with a server


Host URL

Http address that will be called when the option "Run with Server" is set in the "Server" menu.


When Runnign remote files


Upload automatically before running

Upload the remote script before running in the browser (unless it has not been modified).


Replace the 'Host' field in headers sent when running

Will replace the "Host" field in request headers of the browser when running the remote file. The value for host is extracted from the URL address in the "links to" field of the corresponding remote transfer session. This is required in most cases. See "Running remote files" for more information.


Other options


Bring up browser after running a file

If checked, the internal browser will get focus after running a file.


Select secondary browser

Select here the executable of a third-party internet browser. If selected it will be added in the "Run" menu.


Keep transfer sessions open

Allows only one log-in per transfer session. This means that when working on a remote file, each time you upload, log-in will not be needed so the transfer will be faster and safer. You can control which sessions are open from the Remote Explorer window.


Session keep-alive interval

Interval in seconds between sending commands to the remove server, to keep alive the session.



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