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OptiPerl is not Free! Some features have been disabled in this demo version. However for a small amount of money payable on-line with your credit card, you may download the full featured version.


Why should you buy this program? Well, consider the following:


  • OptiPerl is a great learning tool. You can use it to learn Perl and CGI programming in the comfort of a visual editor, without loss of time and money because of loading from dos perl or being for hours on the internet.


So if you program for hobby or want to introduce yourself in a pleasant way to CGI programming, OptiPerl is for you.


  • Professionals designing perl programs and cgi scripts use it. You can save much time by quickly creating, debugging and testing all the ideas you have increasing productivity.


For novice or advanced users, for hobby or professional use, OptiPerl is bundled with all the tools you need to make CGI and console scripts in Perl easy!


Registering will enable you to:


  • Receive the full version of OptiPerl.
  • Enable editing, debugging and running of unlimited sized scripts.
  • Get all future upgrades. You will receive a password (that can be retrieved by e-mail if ever lost) to login to your personal update page which will always have the latest version, your registration info and any related files.
  • Receive with priority technical support on OptiPerl.
  • Get the full documentation of perl and apache, indexed and searchable.


Not convinced that you need it?


Please read the introduction to see how you can use it.

Or view OptiPerl's features Optically.


You can register with a credit-card worldwide. You can also choose from other means of payment like a bank transfer or a check. Follow the direction on the order page for more information.


OptiPerl Homepage:





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