List of additions in Optiperl since version 1.


OptiPerl is an ongoing project. Each new version comes from implementations of ideas that users of it have and that is why it is the best visual environment for perl.


We thank you for it's success!



Version 5.4 (February 2008)


  • Updated for Perl 5.10.
  • Updated regular expression tester engine.
  • Updated perl tidy engine.
  • Minor bug fixes.



Version 5.3 (January 2007)


  • Updated regular expression tester engine.
  • Updated perl tidy engine.
  • Fixed bug with regular expression tester that showed wrong descriptions.
  • Better support for Windows Vista.
  • Minor bug fixes.



Version 5.1 (July 2005)


  • Maintainance release. Minor bug fixes.



Version 5.0 (June 2005)


  • Ability to select an Active script for debugging.
  • Removed "Start / Stop debugger", replaced with ability to start the debugger using "Single step" and "Continue script".
  • Added ability to reload remote file (not in main menu by default; if needed move from Customize Toolbars / File category).
  • Added project item "Open as Remote Item" that opens a selected project item as a remote file.
  • Improved "Setting up remote debugging" dialog. Can find your IP using the internet.
  • Many improvements and fixes in Code Completion.
  • Ability to select port with Secure FTP connections.
  • Support for new versions of Secure FTP.
  • Fixed compability problems with perl > 5.8.6
  • Bug fixes and improvements.



Version 4.5 (June 2004)


  • Added ability to redirect standard Input and Output of script when remote debugging.
  • Bug with transliteration patterns fixed in regular expression tester.
  • Minor bug fixes.



Version 4.3 (December 2003)


  • Port setting for internal server.
  • Copy tool command in configure tools dialog.
  • Ability to remove dialog prompting to reload a modified remote file while debugging.
  • Fixes bug with changing the position in the editor when setting breakpoints.
  • Double clicking on line number in status bar brings up "Go to Line" dialog.
  • Bookmark node in Code explorer.
  • Go to global bookmarks item, with a default shortcut of Ctrl-Alt-0..9.
  • Added list of actions & shortcuts in help file.
  • Other minor fixes.



Version 4.2 (November 2003)



  • Function call stack
  • Conditional breakpoints
  • Pod node in code explorer
  • Drag & drop between File explorer, Remote explorer, Project manager & Windows explorer
  • Files in project not found marked with red
  • Search highlights (menu search)
  • Trim lines, unless line is empty (options dialog / Tabs & Lines)
  • List of open files menu
  • Recursive deletion of folders in Remote Explorer
  • Word wrap at window width (options dialog / Visual)
  • Different pop-up menu when right-clicking on tabs (tab pop-up menu)
  • Ability to select & delete many files in project manager
  • Reset button per page in options dialog
  • Ability to search & replace in many files using a simple string (not only regular expression)
  • Remote sesions are kept alive by sending commands at regular intervals (options dialog / Running)
  • Ability to include external variables in query editor (methods menu)
  • Open in pod extractor opens .pod file if found
  • Back button added (default shortcut: Alt-left arrow)
  • Ability to save open files being edited per project
  • Drag & Drop in project manager
  • Added browsing the results of an advanced search, using search category / Next & Previous Match (shortcuts: Alt - Up & Down)
  • String "Page x of n" added when printing
  • Double click in session explorer window opens file in editor



  • Rare cases of code that created problems with color syntax parser
  • Sometimes editor did not shut down
  • Minor find dialog problems
  • Minor code completion problems
  • Session setup window problem when using large fonts
  • Replacing in multiple files opens the files only when a match is found
  • Auto-view window faster
  • Did not close normally when shutting down windows
  • Regular expression tester sometimes showed "perl dll not valid"
  • Cases of optiperl not loading on some XP systems
  • The last line of scripts was cut off if it was empty
  • When remote debugging, sometimes the script was not donwloaded correctly



Version 4.1 (April 2003)

Major upgrade.



  • Remote debugging
  • Box and line color coding
  • Code completion and hints
  • New interface with multiple desktops
  • Customizable menus and toolbars
  • Better color syntax coding and support for many languages
  • Multiple color syntax coding
  • Sendmail and date support
  • Auto syntax checking
  • Opening and saving scripts via FTP or Secure FTP
  • Remote Explorer
  • Print preview
  • Regular expression search and replace
  • Better support for external server with aliases and running remote files
  • Backing up files
  • Plug-ins


Code Librarian:

  • Storage of code snippets are now in common ZIP files, however the original window has been preserved.
  • Can open multiple windows with different ZIP files
  • Snippets may be dragged between windows


Code Explorer:

  • Searches POD documentation and extracts information about subroutines
  • Added node with errors and warnings about script



  • Right click menu can be customized
  • Better tab support
  • Tab lines and line coloring



  • Better options dialog with over 200 options
  • Customize toolbars and menus window to edit and create new menus and toolbars


Internal Server:

  • Completely new internal server. Will not allow any 500 errors, instead will give a detailed explanation of what went wrong
  • Access/error log removed and replaced with "Server Talk" tab in web browser
  • Optimized to work with remote debugging via loopback to debug scripts that are invoked via web pages



  • More info on the "Information" tab
  • Spy HTTP proxy shows client requests and server responses when navigating the internet



  • "FTP Send" tool removed.
  • Remote sessions database added where FTP and Secure FTP sessions can be setup for the Open/Save remote file dialog and Project Publishing.


User Tools:

  • User tools can be moved to toolbars, menus and get a shortcut key and graphic assigned.
  • Can integrate better with OptiPerl. Supports reading and writing to STDIN and STDOUT.



  • Tree-like view that includes folders
  • More options can be overridden in projects
  • Removed options for FTP sessions, since they have moved to the Remote transfer sessions dialog
  • Scripts with a "Use Lib (...)" path are parsed and the directories are appended to the selected @INC folders, to help Code Explorer search for modules



Version 3.5 (March 2002)

Major upgrade that has the following changes by category:


Code explorer:

  • Rename variables using left-click
  • Exports node
  • Larger summary in hint window
  • Better context handling of variables
  • Increased speed of regular expression searching
  • Minor bug fixes



  • Ability to add breakpoints in required and used modules of the script, even in run time evaluated modules
  • Gutter graphics show valid and invalid breakpoints after debugger has started
  • If syntax errors are found then the syntax error checking window is loaded
  • Bug with certain versions of Windows NT fixed
  • Better "Evaluate Expression" window
  • You can change values of variables in the "Watches" window



  • Comment out multiple lines        
  • Synchronized scrolling option when a secondary editor window is open
  • Holding down Control while moving mouse over a bracket shows corresponding one
  • Typing brackets highlights corresponding one
  • While moving in code, the subroutine in view gets highlighted in the code explorer. By selecting Search/Find Subroutine, it will also get focused
  • Improved find & replace dialogs
  • Fixed problem with international keyboards
  • Regular expressions highlighted in color syntax parser
  • Increase and decrease indent buttons



  • Editing of shortcuts possible
  • More options in the Options dialog
  • Alt - shortcut keys can be used to access the menu commands and tabs in the editor
  • Support for extended keyboard
  • Can do a regular expression find on the output and pod viewer browsers
  • Minor changes - bug fixes



  • Better tools support
  • Selection in Query Dialog to import the form data of an html page (useful for debugging)
  • Selection of starting path of the script possible
  • More options when running in console
  • Support for third party external browser
  • Expanded syntax check evaluates first required modules



  • Publishing through firewall possible.
  • Internal and external server options saved with each project



  • Added File Manager that can do a very fast regular expression search in entire folders
  • Improved external tool support
  • Backreferences listed for all lines matching pattern in regular expression tester
  • View log option in perltidy tool
  • Improved perl printer
  • Improved pod extractor



Version 3.4 (September 2001)

  • Improved code explorer
  • The external programs run by the internal server can be set up
  • Pattern search in entire project
  • Added "Auto-View" tab in web browser, to view a custom file at real-time.
  • Added File Compare tool.
  • "Find declaration" added. Holding down Control and clicking the mouse on a declaration will search for it and open it in the browser


Version 3.3 (June 2001)

  • Project support


Version 3.25 (May 2001)

  • Regular Expression tester with "Explain"
  • Ability to open many editor windows
  • Right click on modules in code explorer
  • Monospace font for the editor limitation removed


Version 3.2 (April 2001)

  • Perl tidy tool (source code reformatter)
  • Information tab in web browser


Version 3.1 (April 2001)

  • RegExp Tester
  • Minor Bugfixes


Version 3.0 (March 2001)

  • OptiPerl is the new name of "Visual Perl Editor"
  • Completely rewritten user interface with major improvements.
  • Embedded server. Now apache is not required (but well supported)
  • Feature packed editor with syntax highlighting
  • Improved Code librarian and code templates
  • Context sensitive help on core perl and module documentation
  • Many new tools
  • Improved Script uploader


Version 2.6 (Octomber 2000)

  • Minor improvements


Version 2.5 (April 2000)

  • Internal Error testing


Version 2.0 (February 2000)

  • First shareware release of Visual Perl Editor


Version 1.0 (December 1999)

  • Visual Perl Editor was released as freeware. It was the first editor for cgi oriented perl using apache server as a base for running perl scripts. The basic design of it (two panels, one to edit the script and another that showed the output as a web page) has been followed ever since.




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