The publish function of the project manager, uploads all modified or new files to the remote transfer session you have selected in the project options. After the upload, you can get a detailed log of the transactions from menu project / Log.


Just like when uploading via the save to remote location, the following happen before each upload in the background:


  • The version is converted to SERVER
  • The shebang replaced


However in projects you can also select a transfer mode and permissions for each file and directory. These will be used if the file is first uploaded. Also any non existent directories are created.


Note that project publishing is not a synchronization of local and remote folders. Read more the technical details of publishing in "working with projects", and how to set-up your project.


icon_idea Project publishing is optimized for speed. If you are working on many files that are associated together, and want to test them on your remote host, pressing the "publish" button is very fast. Only modified files will be uploaded each time.


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